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The experience gained during many years of working in the Dutch and international software and services industry has given us an insight into what makes a business successful. But also what the challenges were and what went wrong with the less successful ones. This has allowed us to develop a concept that we believe will help talented entrepreneurs to be successful: the SPIKESCONCEPT. 

The SPIKESCONCEPT is based on our vision that a company can only be successful if it has all the relevant specialisms at its disposal, and can tie these together in a close-knit unit to work towards a common goal. 

This vision is the underlying foundation for a business concept we have developed from more than 30 years of experience in the software and IT market: a concept to quickly establish new business initiatives and then build on success. 

Our concept incorporates three SPIKES: 

  • Define a clear and agile business strategy that is realistic and understood by all.

  • Execute the strategy using existing skills and resources and add extra where necessary.

  • Ensure that every individual (or team) is focused on execution and results.

With SPIKESCONCEPT, your business will reach top speed. Fast, professional and results oriented! 

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