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Sales Assessment

Sales analysis 
Sales Coaching

We are absolutely convinced, Sales and Sales Management is a profession. There are many different sales methodologies, but all have in common that the Sales people are the most important factor in the process. From SPIN techniques to the Challenger Sale, we have covered and experience with all. We have hundreds of examples of real life sales cycles with many different customers and industries. This is why we can coach your individual sales people and sales management to be top performers.  

The start of our Sales Assessment is always the analysis of your current sales process and metrics. Does the process have all the required steps from start to end? What is the status of lead generation, building the (tailored) value proposition, controlling the sales cycle and closing the deal? And how is the reliability and accuracy in pipeline management and forecasting? The result of the Sales Analysis by SPIKESCONCEPT will be a recommendation report with actionable insights.

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