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Customer Experience Management

We combine many years of experience with innovative business and marketing concepts. Ranging from the buyer journey to the customer journey. Always managing and translating the Customer Experience to the things that will benefit your business the most. 

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Software & Technology Advise

We have an expert insight and overview of software and technology aimed at business solutions. We can help you select and implement the software and technology solutions that will be the best fit for your specific IT and business situation. Our 7 step approach will get you the future proof and required result, on time and within budget.  

Sales and Strategy Consulting

To be a successful company, it's essential to know where you want to get to. Spikesconcept will put your input and ideas together with our specialist know-how and our extensive experience gained in other successful companies. Together we translate this into a realistic and viable go-to-market and sales strategy. Don't know where to start of where your sales challenges are? We can  help you by doing a Sales Assessment. 

Sales and Interim Management

Selling software and services solutions is a specialised task. In order to be successful in this ultra competitive marketplace, you need a sales team equipped with the best sales professionals, skills and tools. We will help you achieve sales success. The result of optimal planning and management of an effective sales strategy.

Result oriented Execution

Determining the strategy and business model is very important. But without the proper execution it will never lead to growth and a sustainable business. We can help you with successful execution that will deliver results.  

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